Something New

2009-06-04 at 9:19 a.m.

I am so tired. The new girl lasted all of one week. Not even long enough for me to savor two days off. This six days a week is going to kill me yet. My house is a mess and the yard needs so much work. I managed to get the young'uns to mow the grass, but that's the extent of their yard work.

On to all the good news. The Girl Child was surprised at Awards Night. Not only did she get the scholarship from the Master Gardeners Association, but she received her certification for Nursery Worker (384 hours), she was presented as the Silver winner of the Skills USA Horticulture and received her certificate for Communications Technology. Then we all went out for ice cream!

She got through the Capping Ceremony and then came the big night. She got to walk. It was beautiful! Her brother even gave her a hug and a dozen roses. (I got a picture of THAT)
We took her to her favorite restaurant (Olive Garden) for lunch that day. We wanted to make it a dinner, but the ceremony didn't end till nine and by the time we drove to the beaches all the restaurants would have been closed. So we opted for lunch and had a small celebration at home afterwards. This has been a hectic few months, but it's been wonderful.

The Boy Child's grades have improved over the last year. He's not doing as good as I know he can, but he's getting there. I think he just may be starting to realize how fast life is coming at him and he can't just drift along anymore. I know quite a few kids go through that lazy phase. Hopefully, he's coming out of his.

I've got all my Christmas and birthday shopping done for the year except for Pop. He never gives a clue to what he wants till the very last minute and then says something like "socks" or "underware". This time he messed up. He mentioned a couple of things to The Mom and she quickly passed them on to me. So now I'm set. I'll get a couple little things for the kids as the season gets closer, but other than that It's not going to frazzle my brain this year. Yay!

I'm starting a scrapbook for The Girl Child's last two years of special events. (Like graduating!) I was printing out pictures that we had taken and deciding what to do with all of them and I got the bug. I make my own special cards and letters and such so I have a lot of the materials for scrapbooking. I've just never tried it before. Here's to doing something new...

drinking: Iced tea
listening to: Queen - Tie Your Mother Down
thinking: There's a LOT of pictures to go through

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